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Kristi scratching jenna!   ahhh!

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Last Week I wrote to you about How to Sign Up for the Google Affiliate Network.

This week, I want to show you in - less than 10 minutes - How to add an Affiliate Advertisement to your Tumblr website…  

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Last week I wrote to you about how to finalize the process for your Google AdSense account application.

Once you have your AdSense account complete, you will be ready for the next step: applying for the Google Affiliate Network account.

The Google Affiliate account is the “Next Level” when it comes to being an advertiser in associate with Google and Google’s partners.

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Last week I wrote to you about submitting an application to Google to start an AdSense account.  

I fully acknowledge that you may not even be remotely interested in selling advertising space! However, if you are interested in becoming a member of the Google Affiliate Network (where you get paid commissions for sending people away from your site to other websites where your visitors complete a purchase), Google will pay you for your efforts in behalf of the Seller through your AdSense account. 

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Last week I wrote to you about 3 general ways to generate an income from Online Resources:

    1. Selling a Product or Service of your Own

    2. Selling Advertising Space and

    3. Becoming an Affiliate

Today, I’d like to talk to you about setting up a Free Google Adsense Account.  Adsense, like Adwords, will become a new extension of your existing Google Account after an application process.

Adwords, as you might have guessed from the Using Adwords Exercise, is the account where Advertisers pay Google to distribute their advertisements to the Web. Since Adwords is for Paying Customers, Google makes things as simple as possible to join the network: all you need to do in the application process is tell Google which currency you pay in and what time zone you live in…and Boom! You have an Adwords Account.

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It is finally here!

Over the last few weeks I have planned, prepared, filmed, edited, released, and made freely available to everyone the “Get an Online Presence FREE from Monthly Payments” video Course.

It is now available on Youtube in Playlist Form at this URL:

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Sending People Away from Your Website

Last week I wrote to you about a tool that costs $0 per month to use: Google Adwords. In last week’s newsletter were 3 exercises to complete which gave you a way to see how many people are

  1. looking for the content already in your website
  2. searching for Your Name
  3. searching for a particular topic that you are already interested in.

The exercises that you completed last week gave you a small taste of something called “Keyword Research.” Keyword Research helps you discover how many people are ALREADY expressing an interest in a specific topic. Keyword Research can give you an idea of how much Traffic you could, theoretically, start to attract toward your online property. How to actually generate traffic to your online establishment is a GIGANTIC topic, and I will be covering some ideas in future newsletters.

Today, I want to talk to you about Monetizing your Website.

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To subscribe to the free Newsletter and to get the free E-Book I talk about near the end of the video, please go to Thank You, and Good Luck!

On a monthly basis, over half of a million people ask one of two questions: “How Can I Get a Website for Free” or “How do I Get a Website for Free.” If I had to guess, I would imagine that an overwhelming majority of these people would consider themselves a Beginner - and if you are reading this, I imagine that you are a beginner too. If you are just beginning your Internet Business Journey, I hope this Video provides some guidance to you that will change your life and save you buckets of money! 

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How Many People Are Looking For You?


Last Week I wrote to you about a simple way to conceptualize your “Online Real Estate.” Your Online Real Estate is a destination – a destination worth visiting! On top of your destination, I like to imagine your website as being an Airport: a place that efficiently performs two tasks

  1. receive passengers and 
  2. sends passengers to places you’d like them to go (*hint hint—I’ll be writing about sending your passenger places next week).

Today, I want to quickly teach you how to use a $0-Cost Tool which professionals use to conduct “Keyword Research.”  The purpose of this tool is simple: To Find Out How Many People Are LOOKING FOR SOMETHING. To marketers, this tool is extremely valuable because it gives them an idea of what kind of “Demand” is out there in the world for a particular product or service they are thinking of selling.

Last week, I promised that I would show you a way to find out how many people are expressing an interest in your Destination (Website/Topic) by Looking for It with Google Search- the largest Search Engine on the Planet. Today, you are going to learn this skill for yourself: and it won’t cost you anything extra to take control of this powerful tool. However, like I have said several times over the course of this newsletter: in order to fully participate in what I am about to show you, it is Critical that you have already established a functioning foundation of your Online Presence with a Domain Name, Email System, and Website.  

If you have a domain name, email system, and website set up and ready to go,please continue with this exercise. Also, if you don’t have a Google Account, you can associate your existing Email Address with Google in order to have access to this tool. 

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What Can I Build On My Domain Name?

Last week I wrote about taking control of a piece of Online Real Estate by taking control of a Domain name. Today, the topic of the blog is “What Can I Build on my Domain Name?”

This question is a very good one – and it is very specific for your goals. So today, I’d like everyone to take 5 minutes to come up with a basic plan of attack by going through the following 3 easy steps.

In terms that a 1st grader would understand, Why Do You Want to Own a Web Presence?

Everyone knows what it is like to be around a “Why” child. Aren’t they just the bundle of joy! All day long, from Sunrise to Sunset the kid comes up with questions about everything from A to Z. It really is incredible how many questions they can ask in a day!

“Why is the Sun Yellow?” — “Because it is on Fire.” “Why is the worm moving?” —“Because it isn’t dead”. “Why are you eating?”—“Because I’m Hungry! Now stop asking questions and eat your Dinner!” You can tell the parents WANT TO SAY MORE! And it is obviously frustrating that the child isn’t ready for more yet. However, humans often think in terms of questions – so it is comforting to know that these children really are exercising their THINKING muscles by vocalizing the questions on their mind.

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On October 5, 2012 I wrote about “not being ‘Technically Savvy enough’ to handle  every aspect of an Online Real Estate.” This week, I want to bring some down-to-earth explanations to the table on the First Piece to understanding what Online Real Estate is. Within a few weeks, I will have covered the foundation of Web Real Estate in this newsletter and then I’ll move on to talking about the Fancy parts of being Online. So here… we…go!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say: “Real Estate?”  I’m willing to bet that everyone starts thinking about houses and buildings that sit on dirt. Everyone can easily relate to the idea of a Building Sitting on a plot of land – in this email I’m going to explain how Online Real Estate really is exactly the same thing.

To own Real Estate, the first thing you need is Land.  When Pioneers or Settlers arrive in a new place, everyone spreads out and finds a new piece of dirt to call their own.

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On October 3 2012, I sent out a text to a few people asking them what they’d like to hear about in the newsletter today. One of my best friends in Bountiful, UT wrote this:

“Some of us aren’t super computer savvy so it might take more time than it’s worth to try to figure this out. That’s all I’m curious about.”

The remainder of this post is to address the concern of “Not Being Computer Savvy,” with some evidence mixed in that that your Time Spent Understanding Online Businesses will be worth every minute!

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What is it like to Do Business with Cameron?

What I’m about to share with you is NOT something that I’m proud of – in fact, it is quite an embarrassing and sensitive chapter of my life; nevertheless, it is something that I did and it is an incredible exploration of the kind of person that I am – a MUST for anyone considering working with me.

Using the miracle of 20/20 hindsight, this embarrassing 4 year-long chapter of my life provides anyone an opportunity to really examine my history and literally TRACE my personality type. By reading this short story yourself, you will be able to see the size, color, and shape of a Puzzle Piece that I am and determine for yourself how I fit into the puzzle of your goals.  What I do and how I do it isn’t a fit for everyone’s – but for the person who has a gaping hole in their internet strategy based, I may just be the person you’ve been searching EVERYWHERE for.   Enjoy!

I am a recovering “World of Warcraft” addict. It’s been several years since I finally quit, again, for the last time, really.

Naturally, the super-fine details in my memory have faded slightly since the Dawn of DSL – but I vividly remember the days, nights and early mornings sitting at my computer in the upstairs hallway eagerly feeding my “World of Warcrack” addiction. The early mornings are particularly memorable because I remember my dad waking up to start his Saturday, coming out of his bedroom, stopping for a minute in the hallway staring at me (where I’m sure he wondered to himself if his alarm clock really did say 5:00 AM), and then taking a few steps forward and asking me in his early morning, hoarse whisper: “Cameron, do you have ANY idea what time it is?”

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To experience first-hand how I continue to provide value after the setup phase of these “Online Brands,” sign up for my free Weekly Email

Update 10/15/12 Another service I a might be releasing soon (right now I’m still playing around with the idea) is helping people with Level 2 Objectives to get Sales and Squeeze pages online: like this one  (

Update 10/9/12 I’ve been working a lot lately with my Largest Client: NextGenSimplified Inc ( on Search Engine Optimization while handling his Model-View-Controller Version 4 Website Written in the Razor 2.0 Syntax. Our Goal is to have a website that shows up in Google Search so that people who see his advertising can find the site using keywords we plant in marketing materials - I can’t wait for the release date of the actual App!

Update 10/8/12 On Friday, I helped my friend Thiago Alem from Brazil get his brand online ( He started doing a Graphic Design business this year and wants his website to be a simple place where he can post Testimonials from his clients and allow future prospects to see for themselves the value he can provide, before committing to a face-to-face appointment.Update 10/15/12Over the weekend, I worked with Thiago to set more specific goals for his free website - his goal was to consolidate his old Blogspot… and so he did. Now, Thiago is doing some DIY programming to customize the feel of the website: if you want to Learn HTML/CSS - the environment I will get you in to is perfect for learning!

Update 10/1/12 Last night, I was spending some time with my family at my parents house and I took the time to help my sister,  Carrie (, who just started a Mary Kay and turned a profit last month (Carrie, that’s Awesome! I hope to help you make lasting and timely impressions with your fans and customers with online strategies!)

I also helped my little brother Clark ( set up a blog where he wants to record his epic moments in his passion: having fun with video games. You may just need to meet him - the kid is seriously the funniest person on the planet.Update 10/12/12After fiddling with the idea of a video game blog, Clark came up with the idea of turning his website into a place for expanding his Fledgling Tutoring business - Isn’t it awesome what you can do with a free website! Its like a set of legos: you can build anything you want, destroy it, and start again for fun.

After helping Clark and Carrie, I helped Corwin ( set up a site to send all of his girlfriends to so that they can adore him without the distractions of being on Facebook.

Update 9/30/12 - Last night, Brooke and I had Tyler and Kim Davis over for a “Never Ending Salsa and Tortilla Chips” party (seriously, buy the $3 bag of Tortilla Chips from Costco - you’ll have to throw HANDFULLS of the chips to the backyard ducks the next morning just to make a dent in that Monster Bag!).  We played a round of “Formula D” (which, I came in last place, of course - but at least “Returned the Car in Pristine Order”) and then a round of Settler’s of Catan (I like that game…when I win).

After eating and playing, I helped them set up their first Online Presence with Custom Domain Names, Custom Email Addresses, and a Website.

Personally, I’m very excited to see Tyler ( starting “Crushing It” in the Board Game industry: I’ve never seen a man more passionate about Board Games!

Kim ( is interested in making money online and nutrition science: her open and caring personality, amplified by the leveraging power of the internet, will help thousands (if not millions). Good Luck to you both! I’ll be here to continue supporting your first phases of “Getting Online.”

Update 9/23/12 - Last night I helped my first people get their websites up and running! Granted, they were family members and had no choice in the matter - but they ended up loving the experience! I helped my mom ( set up a website where she could publish online family cards and birthday cards (virtualizing a tradition that her mother would do for each of the children and grandchildren every year). Also, I helped my little sister Carla ( set up a website where she could publish her activities in starting a small band called “KayCee” at the tender young age of 14 - she wants to get famous enough to get on Justin Bieber’s radar! Congratulations on surviving the experience you two! I look forward to seeing you two enjoy your Online Real Estate!

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Here is a photo of my graveyard of unused advertising materials.  I still get a lumpy feeling in my stomach when I look at all this wasted stuff! To me, it represents almost $5,000 in sunk costs.

On the other side of the coin, it is like the small library of Text Books a college student acquires during a 4-yr degree: every item is permanently attached to a learning experience. Every piece tells an epic story: a story of Greed and a Craving to Win against the Simple Desires of a Human Heart longing to find a passion.

Not Displayed:

  1. my first businesses cards with a handwritten “jingle” inviting people to “like” my page on Facebook - those were embarassing :}
  2. The other 240 newspapers that my ad would have shown up in - in the olden days, I understand that business people would save a copy of EVERY ONE of the newspapers they showed up on…wow
  3. The hand-written fliers I ran around the neighborhood and placed under doormats, in chain-link fences, and NOT On/around/near the mailbox.
  4. All the digital advertisements

With all the “Sell your House Fast!” garbage out of my front room (although, the magnets are great for holding stuff to the fridge), I have been free to think about a new service that I can provide: with my technical background, I can help people register a custom domain name (eg, put an email box on the property (eg and then set you up with a free website on top of the domain ( Feel free to email to chat.